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All About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

When I got to know blogs, I never thought at all about SEO (  search engine optimization  ) and SEM (  search engine marketing  ). What I understand blogging is just writing articles and updating articles. It turns out that all of that is wrong, if in the future your blog wants to be used to make money, from now on, don't ever ignore SEO. To start with what is meant by SEO, see below. What Is SEO For Blogs? SEO is a technique that bloggers and webmasters talk about on various forums. SEO is a technique for optimizing a blog so that it can occupy the first page of search engines, especially Google. What is meant by SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO)    is search engine optimization, is the technique of maximizing and optimizing the performance of a site's pages using standard procedures tailored to the characteristics of search engines. By optimizing the blog page, there is a big chance to appear on the first page of the SERP (  Search Engine Result Page  ) of Google, Y

How To Create A Blog On Blogger?

 - Blogging is an online activity that is now increasingly popular with young people in Indonesia.  Besides being able to channel writing ideas, it can also make money.  To create a blog is not as difficult as imagined.  My advice, if you want to create a new blog, it would be better if you first determine the right theme. By determining the theme in advance, it can make it easier for us as managers and blog owners to write each article.  If your blog really wants to be well managed, then update it every day and in the future you can monetize the blog.  So that besides being able to share things you know, you can also get paid from the internet.  good tenan era blogging to .... hehehehehe Actually, to create a blog apart from blogger you can also use several platforms such as Blogdetik, Wordpress, Tumblr, Webly, Medium etc.  Until now, the platforms most widely used by bloggers are Wordpress and Blogspot.  On this occasion I will share, how to create a blog on Google, namely the blogsp

Top 10 Windows Vista Featured Tips and Tricks

Microsoft's old operating system that released in November 2006,  and created a boom in the technology industry. With the release of windows vista, Microsoft promises to take things to a whole new level but still according to an estimate only 10% of the World's current PCs are going to be able to run Windows Vista without any upgrade required. 1. Windows Meeting Space Yes, Vista's got some Collaborated-Work power. Windows Vista makes it easy for you to experience Collaborated-Work with other Vista users using its new Windows Meeting Space Application. Vista speaks the language of Business, now you can easily share, send and receive files and applications with a colleague or customer even if you both are not on the same network. Follow the steps to start a collaborated workspace: Launch Windows Meeting Space and start a New Session. Windows Vista will start detecting other Vista users that are on the same sub-net infrastructure or are close enough for you to create a direct